02Mar 2016
Workplace safety plan questions

How confident are you in your company’s workplace safety plan?  Is it a glossy document that no one reads much less follows?  Was it thrown together to satisfy someone else such as a demand in a bidding process?  Or is it a program that is alive as evidenced by the safe behaviors of your employees?  Continue reading

08Feb 2016
how software to track your employee hours saves time

As business owners, we try to keep things as simple as possible. We start out tracking the hours of our three or four employees on a clipboard hanging up in the back, or maybe just by their scheduled hours in a spreadsheet. However, now we have 20 employees, and it has become a constant headache of making corrections and asking employees if their hours are correct, all with no way to check if they are telling the truth or not. Continue reading

18Jan 2016
benefits of a PEO company

The secret to running a successful business is to maximize your profits while keeping your overall cost low. However, sometimes this is easier said than done when it comes to day-to-day management of your company. Between managing your payroll to keeping up with your benefits package to finding affordable workers’ compensation coverage, there is a lot that can take time away from focusing on growing your business. This is where the benefits of a PEO company come in. Continue reading

06Jan 2016
close up on payroll pay cards for employees

It’s Noon on Friday, and you are about to walk out the door for a lunch meeting when your employee calls you from the road, “Boss, my pay didn’t hit the bank this week. I’ve got to have it right now!”

Now you are in a bind. The employee is 300 miles away, you are already late for your appointment, and you know it will take at least 30 minutes to go to the bank and wire money. Continue reading

22Dec 2015
Woman enjoying employee benefits from American Employer Group

In addition to all the incredible health and wellness benefits you receive by being an employee with American Employer group, there are several other employee benefits plans to help make your life easier. From discount attraction tickets to affordable legal aid, we have partnered with a variety of service providers show our appreciation for all the hard work our employees do. Continue reading