HR Payroll Outsourcing

08Feb 2016
how software to track your employee hours saves time

As business owners, we try to keep things as simple as possible. We start out tracking the hours of our three or four employees on a clipboard hanging up in the back, or maybe just by their scheduled hours in a spreadsheet. However, now we have 20 employees, and it has become a constant headache of making corrections and asking employees if their hours are correct, all with no way to check if they are telling the truth or not. Continue reading

06Jan 2016
close up on payroll pay cards for employees

It’s Noon on Friday, and you are about to walk out the door for a lunch meeting when your employee calls you from the road, “Boss, my pay didn’t hit the bank this week. I’ve got to have it right now!”

Now you are in a bind. The employee is 300 miles away, you are already late for your appointment, and you know it will take at least 30 minutes to go to the bank and wire money. Continue reading

29Oct 2015
signing an agreement for a payroll services company

The relationship you have with your payroll services company can easily be one of the most important ones you have in terms of your business. Not only is this who you are trusting to handle the responsibility of paying your employees, they are also in charge of managing your business’s tax information and your benefits program. With so much tied into one outside source, how can you tell whether or not you chose the right one? Continue reading