Employee and Employer Benefits

AEG Employee and Employer Benefits

American Employer Group is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive employee benefits package to both our clients and our staff. With plans ranging from health coverage and wellness plans to critical care and accident coverage to a solid 401k plan, our benefits are designed to help both you and your staff prepare for nearly anything life has to offer.

Employee Benefits Administration… Made Simple

In order to compete in today’s labor market, you need to make your company as appealing as possible to a new job candidate. The easiest way to achieve this is to offer a comprehensive employee benefits package that is both affordable and reliable. This is why we recommend you partner with us and start offering your staff the coverage they deserve.

The benefits of working with AEG for your employee benefits package include:

  • Attract better quality talent for your company
  • A healthier work staff leads to a higher level of productivity
  • Access to better and more affordable coverage
  • Less paperwork and headache for you to deal with

Our team of experts will also help ensure your company is following all the new employer mandated compliance regulations outlined by the Affordable Care Act. By adding our ACA Compliance Solution to your benefits plan, you will rest easy knowing your chance of facing hefty fines and penalties under the new law is greatly reduced.

Don’t waste another day throwing away money on an employee benefits package that doesn’t truly fit your company’s needs. Instead, give us a call and allow our staff to begin building a benefits plan that is best for you and your employees.

Affordable Employee Benefits Are Just A Phone Call Away

Finding affordable health coverage is sometimes hard for small businesses. However, by partnering with us, you will have the ability to offer your employees quality benefits that don’t break the bank.


Our Benefits Options Include

Health  Insurance

A competitive employee benefits package could be just what your company needs to attract top talent. Get a leg up on your competition today by offering your employees access to our affordable employee benefits program.

401K Plans

Preparing for the future starts today, especially when you choose to include our 401K Plan into your benefits package. This will allow your employees to plan for retirement with ease.

Dental Insurance

Proactive dental care is important in maintaining your overall general health. By offering your employees an affordable dental insurance plan, you will help them identify and address potential problems before they become a costly issue.

Vision Insurance

Our commercial vision insurance plan will help you and your employees have access to the quality optical treatment you need, including yearly exams, discount frames, updates lenses, and more.

Long-Term Disability

The last thing your employee needs when recovering from a long-term injury is to worry about finances. With our long-term disability coverage, you can help your team be prepared for the unexpected.

Short-Term Disability

If your employees are ill or injured, it will help them recover faster by taking away the stress of financial stability. Our short-term disability coverage will pay a portion of your employee’s salary for a specified amount of time until he or she can return to work.

Employee Health Insurance: Affordable Health Care You Can Trust

  • Attract Better Employees- Sometimes,  the deciding factor between choosing one company over another for an employee is whether or not the company offers a comprehensive employee benefits package. Don’t miss out on top-level talent due to an outdated plan.
  • Better For Bottom Line- Healthier employees lead to a higher rate of productivity, which, in turn, has the potential to increase your company’s annual revenue.
  • Enjoy Group Discounts- By partnering with us, you will be able to take advantage of our large group premium discounts not typically offered to smaller companies.

Big Business Benefits On A Small Business Budget

Thanks to the co-employment relationship we establish with our clients, we are able to offer their employees access to a variety of affordable employee health benefits and coverage at a discounted rate. By working with us, you and your staff can take advantage of our large group savings without having to worry about large monthly payments or premiums hanging over your head.

Flexible Plans 

One of the things that make your company great is that it is unlike any other in your industry. This is why you deserve a flexible employee benefits package that best suits your needs. At American Employer Group, you can choose which of our many benefits offerings best fits you and your employees without having to worry about paying for programs you don’t need.

Affordable Payment Options

With our employee benefits coverage, there is no upfront cost, no deposits required and no monthly bill hanging over your head. Instead, all your deductions come directly out of your payroll to cover your expenses. This will help you financially by splitting up your premium throughout the month.

Low Monthly Premiums

By partnering with us, small to mid-size businesses will no longer have to worry about facing high monthly premiums when it comes to offering benefits to their employees. Instead, you get to enjoy the large group discounts a bigger company can offer without having to loose your small business charm.

Less Paperwork

By partnering with us, you won’t have to continue wasting so much of your time on pesky paperwork. Instead, our team of HR experts will take care of most of that responsibility for you so you can get back to focusing on your business and increasing your revenue.


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